Provide best-in-class manufacturing and engineered supply chain solutions, globally

Manufacturing Capabilities

Die Casting

Die casting can produce metal parts with complex shapes and do so with closer tolerances than many other mass production processes

Investment Casting

Ability to make more intricate forms, even forms with under cuts


Strong & reliable, Highly cost-effective, Hot forging ideal for harder metals, Cold fording considered eco-friendly


Low cost manufactured part, Excellent flexibility of operation, Great mechanical properties, Continuous operation

CNC Machining

Lower costs for labor & materials, Speed of production, Complex shapes easily achieved, Increased accuracy


Parts are delivered ready to use, Increased manufacturing efficiency, Lower lead times, Time and money savings

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Our Commitment To You:

We will provide your business with the highest quality parts and components, manufactured to your specification, delivered on time, every time.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Serving Customers Around the World

We provide manufacturing, supply chain and engineering solutions to customers around the world. Delivering product to the United States, China, India, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.We help many global OEMs by managing the entire outsourced manufacturing process. Our cost-effective solutions and teams of supply chain experts are here to help you every step of the way.

Supplying You More than Just Manufacturing Solutions.

With Metrics Vietnam, we provide more than cost-effective manufacturing solutions, as your supplier, we provide everything, from supply chain, engineering, quality management, inventory planning and forecasting, warehousing, to post manufactured services.

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Supply Chain

We deliver products on-time, every time, regardless of the final destination.


Managing the quality control process is vital when using suppliers to produce your parts.


A contract manufacturing service provider can relieve you of the hassle of identifying and verifying suppliers – particularly offshore suppliers.

Inventory Management

Utilizing our advanced inventory management solutions ensures a seamless and efficient process for tracking and managing your inventory.