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Great Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a strategic science that goes into improving the way your company sources component parts from manufacturers. MES has developed proven strategies for each phase of the Supply Chain Management process.

MES benchmarks every aspect of our Supply Chain Management services against best-in-class metrics. We focus on quality, efficiency, and cost-savings in every step.

Our outstanding sourcing-to-delivery solution allows us to pass on savings to our customers, not just in component costs and shipping rates, but also money saved by lowering lead times in tooling and the manufacturing process.

  • die-casting-custom-manufacturing


    MES provides Engineered Supply Chain Solutions in India, China,Taiwan & Vietnam.

    Our supplier management process utilizes sourcing agents and quality engineers. We source manufacturing suppliers based on quality, delivery time and price.

    All of our suppliers must be ISO-certified and pass our own stringent audit for manufacturing.

    Our criteria for suppliers include ISO certification, advanced manufacturing facilities, proven ability for the capability promised, engineering resources, QA, and on-time production.

  • quality control-APQP-custom manufacturing

    Quality Management

    We utilize project management tools & APQP to track every step of the tooling & manufacturing process.
    •  MES monitors & controls the tooling development & PPAP submission process with our suppliers
    •  Review critical specs with customers, relay information to suppliers at tooling kickoff
    •  Supplier inspections to insure accurate method & measurements
    •  Third Party checks of raw materials at independent labs
    •  In-person review by MES quality/sourcing engineers
    •  Monitoring & communicating delivery timelines
    •  Customer-approved tooling design

  • global logistics-custom manufacturing

    Global Logistics

    MES carefully manages the global logistics process to save time and money on international shipping.

    •  We select the provider, consolidating orders in containers wherever possible
    •  We manage import/export procedures
    •  We monitor port conditions and re-route shipments, if necessary
    •  We expertly navigate customs requirements, paperwork, and fees

  • domestic operations-assembly-custom manufacturing

    Domestic Operations

    Domestic Manufacturing Operations

    Many customers have custom requirements which require domestic manufacturing operations to facilitate special orders. MES offers a range of operations domestically to streamline your component requirements.

    •  Parts commonization
    •  Special E-Coating
    •  Painting or powder coating
    •  Addition of part features such as holes, markings
    •  Assembly to reduce customer costs

  • inventory management-JIT-custom manufacturing

    Inventory Management

    Warehousing | JIT | KANBAN

    We have enhanced order processing, billing, inventory management, ERP, and EDI systems, which allows us to mirror our customer’s warehousing solutions. We manage the inventory process and provide JIT shipping of your parts and components.

    Warehousing Facilities:

    •  Ohio Warehouse,  US
    •  California Warehouse, US
    •  Tijuana Warehouse, Mexico
    •  Juarez Warehouse, Mexico
    •  Monterrey Warehouse, Mexico


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