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Answers To China Tariffs: Strategy For Protecting Your Product Costs

On September 23rd, President Trump initiated third set of tariffs which increased prices on almost $150 Billion worth of products in a variety of industrial sectors. If you are concerned tariffs are going to affect your company's profit margins, contact MES for robust, cost competitive sourcing options.  We will provide a sustainable supply chain strategy for your industrial components.

We Can Help You...

  • Avoid tariffs and costs
  • Develop temporary solutions to reduce or nullify tariff costs
  • Develop a longer-term supply chain strategy to offset impact from China based supply chains

MES understands that China will continue to play a significant part in global supply chain. MES itself has entrenched suppliers who are competitive with strong cost, quality and delivery and may never be replaced. However, customers concerned about tariffs and possible disruptions are looking for viable solution. MES offers unbiased solution from its established supply base in Vietnam, Mexico and India to ensure best-in-class On-Time Deliveries (OTD), Inventory metrics as well as quality PPM ratings.

MES Offers Sourcing Solutions From The Following Countries To Diversify Supply Chains Away From China:

Our Sourcing Includes: